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Here is your chance to offer an exclusive online experience direct to your customers' home, workplace or wherever they are.

On Fieldays online you can connect, sell and create a unique experience for your customers for all things agricultural, using our multi-media platform to grow your business. With a sales revenue of $549m generated for NZ firms in 2019, we understand the importance of this event to you as exhibitors. Fieldays Online is our response to the current global uncertainty, our way of keeping you connected to your valuable Fieldays audience.

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Who will visit Fieldays online?

Fieldays Online will be heavily marketed across New Zealand, with a large focus on producers, importers and exporters, consumers, and business professionals within the Primary Industries. Without the constraints and limitations of a physical event, this opens the event to global players and exposure to all industries and individuals across New Zealand – the possibilities are literally limitless.


How does Fieldays Online work?

Our experienced team will set up your digital site in our online platform - think of it like your normal physical site at Fieldays, but you’ll be connecting with people remotely. Fieldays Online is a powerful system that enables exhibitors to collect, manage and follow up on business leads with ease. The possibilities for you as an exhibitor are huge; we encourage you to explore this unique opportunity for interactive marketing and engagement by reaching out to our team.


How do I set up my digital site?

When you sign up you will be assigned a Digital Producer who will step you through what kinds of content you will need to supply and by when. They will take the assets you provide and set up the page for you, so you will not need to have any digital expertise to build your page.

Our talented team will work closely with you to ensure that your site is tailored to your specific wants and needs. We suggest you engage your normal agencies or partners to help support you in the development of assets and content. If you need a production partner to help with this, we have a team available.


What is Fieldays TV?

Working with a Broadcast Partner we aim to broadcast events to our online & TV audience. Content may include seminars, live discussions, sub event content (such Kitchen Theatre demonstrations and the Fieldays Innovation Awards), daily highlights, and more. You are invited to take a broadcast slot and be featured in a significant way.


How can I track my digital site?

When we go live, analytics will be available for you to be able to monitor your visits, sales, leads, competition entries etc. Our live support team can assist to make updates and work to maximise the experience for your customers.


What can I do to help promote my site?

You should market and promote your digital site just as you normally would by utilising your pre-existing channels and databases. Further Fieldays Online marketing opportunities will be announced soon so keep an eye out on the marketing section at the bottom of this web site. Opportunities will include a wide range of unique engagement options such as 'connect codes' to allow you to engage your guests and deliver VIP experiences.


How can I engage with customers outside of this platform?

Utilize your pre-existing channels such as using social media platforms and existing email lists in the lead up to the launch of this online event to help build anticipation around this occasion. You could also host your own smaller events at any location like retail stores etc. and connect them into our digital platform there.

For the first time in 51 years, Fieldays is going online – join us to be part of history in the making!

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Virtual Site Options

Below are the options you can select to transfer your current site booking into a digital one.
We have limited digital sites for 2020, so please be in quick.

Standard Digital Site


Stay visible with a Standard Digital site, keeps you connected with a discoverable listing in the main navigation of Fieldays Online.

Silver Digital Site


A Silver digital site provides Fieldays Online Homepage advertising space on rotation and a discoverable listing in the main navigation with link.

Gold Digital Site


A Gold digital site includes all gold site features, providing mid-level exposure for your brand, including dedicated space on rotation on the Homepage of Fieldays Online, discoverable listing in the main navigation with link and inclusion in our email promotions to our qualified visitor database of 80,000.

Premium Digital Site


A premium digital site includes all premium site features, providing high level exposure for your brand across the Fieldays Online Platform including an always on premium location on the Homepage, discoverable listing in the main navigation with link, inclusion at a secondary level in marketing collateral and email promotions to our qualified visitor database of 80,000.

Platinum Digital Site


A platinum digital site includes all platinum site features, giving your brand maximum exposure across the Fieldays Online Platform including an always on primary location on the Homepage, easily discoverable by the main navigation with link, inclusion in primary marketing collateral and at least 2 x email promotions to our qualified visitor database of 80,000.

Marketing opportunities

As with the physical event, we will have a wide range of marketing opportunities which you can get involved with to help promote your presence this year, both free and paid for.

We will be in touch with all registered exhibitors with more information, and will also keep this section updated accordingly.

For production people

Are you the agency who will create the experience for your company or client to deliver Fieldays Online?

Come back soon and we will have more information regarding how you can get your digital site up and running.


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